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Bound - 3/10

Bound, by far the worst Wachowski effort is a completely bland, flashy, and pretentious film which had me checking my watch furiously. The story is very generic and bland. It was as if the Wachowski's had an idea with random characters, but that wasn't original so they just made them lesbians. People call this a masterwork of lesbian cinema. This movie offers nothing to lesbian cinema. One sex scene, and a jumbled story between two annoying female characters does not have anything to do with lesbian cinema. Jennifer Tilly is annoying as usual with her raspy, annoying voice, and her one note style. This movie just took generic and through some lesbians at it. What we are left with is a horrible first effort by the Wachowki's.

The Matrix - 8/10

By far their finest work. Visually stunning, solid story, and great action. Still a heavily flawed film. The line delivery is sometimes way off, which is due to some hokey dialogue courtesy of the Wachowski's. The characters are completely one note and Reeves just constantly looks bored as fuck. Still a good film though.

The Matrix Reloaded - 7/10

After a few lessons of the substance underneath this action packed, stylish and often confusing film, I do appreciate it a bit more. Having said that though, what I've learned is far too "out there" for me to take seriously and a random person could have come up with just as complex and crazy meanings for certain things. The action is fantastic though, and the visuals astounding. I find the Wachowski's with this film and as a whole are very pretentious. They come up with the wildest explanations for things and of people I've talked to, only hardcore fanboys seem to take it in and find it fascinating. They're creative, no doubt, but the reasons why this and Revolutions were not particularly popular with general audiences is not necessarily because they didn't understand it, but because once the complexities were revealed, they just found them laughable or way too "out there" to take seriously. The one note characters continue to do what they do best, and that is, hold the same note over and over. I also did not feel the Trinity and Neo love connection. Felt forced and fake.

The Matrix Revolutions - 6/10

On first viewing, this ultimately became my favorite Matrix film. The action was pretty much non-stop, I loved the sort of dark, depressing mood, and I liked how it ended. But barely any of that held up on re-watches. I've re-watched it probably 3 times since theatres and the action just becomes tiresome and boring. The action is what I loved most about it at first, but it really just didn't keep my interest on re-watches. I still highly enjoyed the dark, depressing mood, and I still quite like the ending. After learning some underlying complexities I also gained some appreciation, but it's still a heavily flawed film. The characters have played the same damn note over and over again, and now that it's the final film that note is getting really irritating. The dialogue is often awkward, pretentious, and boring, and the development of the love between Neo and Trinity becomes even more forced than in Reloaded.

V for Vendetta - 7.5/10

Although not directed by the Wachowki's, they're responsible for the script. The dialogue is much, much better than any Wachowski film to date. The pace much smoother, the storyline better, and the complexities of the plot are more understandable and reasonable, other than The Matrix trilogy which needed a shitload of time and analysis by devoted fans to explain. The characters are still a bit one note, but offer more range than any characters written by the Wachowki's. Although the pacing is good, there are a few moments which reek of weak narrative. Overall though, quite a good movie,

Speed Racer - 5/10

I originally had given this a 6/10, but after deep discussion I realized that the visuals and entertainment value have a very slim chance of holding up on a re-watch. To be safe, I'll take it down one point and will raise it again if the visuals and entertainment value hold up on a re-watch. This movie reeks of style over substance. The dialogue is stylized toward the 60s cartoon, but even then it offers nothing fresh and instead delivers a cluster fuck of cliche, unoriginal, and often cringe worthy lines. The dialogue gets the point across, but then again, how often doesn't dialogue get the point across? The acting is drowned by the terrible dialogue and one note written characters, again, courtesy of the Wachowski's (they love those one note characters). The pacing is often off, and I'm left wondering which race really meant the most. Was it the first race that kicked things off with a bang, was it the lengthy (although I would have liked it to be longer) Crucible, or was it the final Grand Prix race which was about as original and exciting as the final race of Disney/ Pixar's Cars (7/10), which is a better film than Speed Racer BTW. I left the movie almost wanting some complexity that the Wachowki's had me scratching my head over with The Matrix films, and bits of V for Vendetta. Instead, I was given an adaptation of a dreadful 60s cartoon which failed to offer anything new or fresh other than visuals.

So, overall I think the Wachowki's are very talented. They're very crafty filmmakers, but their screenplay material is merely average, save for V for Vendetta. There are MUCH better screenwriters out there who are not as pretentious as the Wachowski's who don't force unnecessary subplots and ridiculously cheesy and random explanations down our throats. If they never make another film again (which is possible considering the utter critical and financial failure of Speed Racer) I would not give two shits.

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