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Well if you know the Batman comics, Batman was always an outcast. Having a hero like Batman in exile is the only way, he's not Spider-Man where he's loved by the public. And this is nothing like Star Wars when the film ended with a cliffhanger ending, the ending to The Dark Knight was a finished story.
So was Batman Begins, but they continued it. I'd have no problem with it ending with The Dark Knight, but I would prefer another chapter . . . and I'd be willing to bet that the series/saga will continue. Batman made himself an outcast when he put himself in the mask, but a hated outcast is pushing it.

I don't know the comics well, at all; but from what I've seen from TAS, he's not being hunted 24-7 by police and the "authorities" for taking the fall for Harvey Dent's alter ego.
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