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Question: I know they do adjustments for inflation but has anyone ever done adjustments for the fact that there are twice as many people on the planet and a bazillion more theatres?? I'd be very interested to see what these records would look like then.

yeah , ticket prices are 5 or six times what they were when the original bat was released , and that made 250 mil or so . That's crazy money at the time . You're also right about the population increase having an effect , there are simply way more people to see these films now than there was even 10 , 15 years ago , that's why records keep falling like mad . The film still has to be good though and strike some sort of cord , but there is tons of money to made , way more than before because of the two aforementioned factors . The thing is , these records won't stand very long the way the population and ticket prices keep on increasing . In the past , when everything was relatively stable , records lasted for a while , not anymore . This one already broke the single day that was established only 3 years ago and it should break the 3 day that was only set last summer . I'm thinking , eventually there will be a settling off of records being broken , and they will stand for a bit , but as it is now , people are throwing big bucks at these things .

Ashley , i don't feel a sense of pride because i saw a film that broke a record , because i don't get anything out of it , really it has nothing to do with me , i just bought a ticket and watched a film , but i do make it a point to buy a ticket and not use it , so i can have an unripped copy . There will be plenty of stubs laying around for these films later on , but not many unused and complete ones .
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