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I think I nailed the reason why I dont like it.

It wasnt fun. Most of the Friday flicks are fun. This one wasnt. It just sorta slogged along without doing anything. Im starting to feel like a freak. No one has agreed with me yet. lol!

I honestly dont see whats so likable about the characters. Nobody stood out. Not even Crispin Glover. Corey Feldman is the only actor to stand out in the whole movie. Everybody else just seemed bored out of their minds. I couldnt even pinpoint who the herion was. Was it Tommys sister or that virgin girl? I thought it was going to be the virgin girl until she had to go do the dirty dirty.

I will give it props where it deserves. Like I said Jasons a mean bastard in this flick. I loved how he nailed the body to the door frame. Cool stuff. The machete slide was also a highlight.

But I dont know, it just didnt do it for me...
I agree with u dawg.

Its def overrated especially on this forum but its still one of the better Fridays.

Part 6 always stood out to me, prolly cuz I remember it being on cable quite a bit back when I was 8, 9 which I started my horror craze.
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