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I blind bought both the immortal and proposition because what the heck they were both fairly cheap and both were steelbooks. Hell I blind bought the Sarah Connor Chronicles too for the same reasons.

I mean the question is after I watch them and if they suck (heard good things about proposition but nothing about the immortal) do I sell them, who knows.

Brings my total to 26 steelbooks.
Couldn't resist that cheap steel, huh, dizzy? I know what you mean. I wasn't planning on picking up any of these except The Proposition, but getting a new release steelbook for the price of a used, possibly banged up one is just too tempting. That cover for Terminator pretty much dared me not to buy it.

And, I never said she was nekkid, I just said there would probably be some showing of skin here and there. I have no idea, but for $10 and some change, I'll check it out and let you know.
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