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hey sirdizzy you have a right to speak your mind thats what this board is here for let me just give you a few prices i was offered and see what you think then
v for vendetta 13, 15, 20, 30
smokin aces 20, 22, 25
indiana jone collection 30
saw iv gift set 15, 20
and i could keep going but i believe the most i was offered for anything was 30 besided 1 person offered 75 for v for vendetta and just know this also i have paid some pretty prices for these also from ebay and just to make you guys jealous i got v for vendetta for .99 cent from ebay cause some idiot spelled it wrong and didnt put steelbook in the title thanks for your intrest guys
and sorry i can not sell these to fellow collectors i dont even know and take a loss when i know i can get more from fellow ebayers i dont even know i will post links for listings if i sell them take a peek if you like

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