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Death Penalty?

MUNCIE, Ind. - An Indiana man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting he forced his 7-year-old daughter to stab the family cat to death.

During his sentencing on Friday, Danield Collins said he was "extremely sorry" for his actions. The judge in the case told him it wasn't "civilized conduct."

In exchange for a guilty plea on animal cruelty and two counts of neglect, prosecutors dropped three other felony charges against the 39-year-old.

Collins' daughter and his 11-year-old son said Collins ordered them to stab the cat in March because he wanted them to "learn to kill."

Police say the boy tried to hide the cat, but Collins found the animal and strangled it while his children watched.

Collins says he was intoxicated at the time and remembers little about what happened that day.

To me it is clear that this person should not be allowed to be around kids. I titled this death penalty, because a person like this needs to just be dead. This is the most horrible story I have came across in a long time. What the hell is wrong with people. Where was PETA? They are too busy worrying about TDK, when they should have been pushing for a longer sentence for this guy.

He said he was "intoxicated". My fucking ass he was. This is always the excuse for everything. Hey, I got been drunk and I never wanted to do any anything like that. Alcohol usually enhances your personality, so by that line of thinking, this man is a fucking nutcase wanna be killer with no regard for any sort of life. If that is the case, then we should fry the fucker. Time to get rid of useless pieces of trash like this from our planet. I know this might shock many of the liberals here, but come on. I am tired of people who physically and mentally hurt innocent creatures, especially children.