Thread: Death Penalty?
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Old 08-30-2008, 02:25 PM
Cry me a river. No system is perfect Badbird. What about the other 99% who were put to death that were guilty? We always forget about those and focus on the minority of innocent. We also forget about the victims and their families.

I have major problems with the penal system. Certain crimes deserve a death sentence. From a standpoint of money, the death penalty is useless. If someone killed someone I cared about, I would hate to see the person get a life sentence and go home in 16 years or whatever the minimum is. Life rarely means life.

I also have a problem with the jails themselves. The jails in the USA are like country clubs. We need more jails like in Europe. I would like to remind the heart collector this, if he is reading. He hates America. Make jail less of a not so bad place to go and maybe less will want to return. Few fear going to jail. It is like college for criminals.

If I am on the commuter boat in The Dark Knight, I am pushing the button to kill all the criminals. I am not taking the chance that Batman will save us from the Joker.