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No, not really. But did anyone hear about that woman in Ohio who microwaved her month-old daughter? Supposedly it was because she was afraid her boyfriend might leave her if he found out that the baby wasn't his. Now that deserves the death penalty.

Stupid fucking people.
I did not hear about that. I agree.

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So you don't think 18 months in prison is going to help this man who killed his cat at all? He's just going to get out and immediately search for cats to kill? You honestly believe we should end his life?
Yes, but not for killing the cat. If you read the whole post, you would have read that I said it was because this type of person has no respect for life. If you read the story, it stated he wanted his kids to learn to kill. You are going to defend this person?

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"jails in the US are like country clubs"...

Well, if that's the case I'll be committing murder ASAP.

I have some questions, have you ever been to jail, or a jail? Have you ever experienced the racism and politics that goes on behind bars? Cause to me, it's sounds like you need to get that propaganda chip taken out the back of your fuckin' head because you're talking utter and complete shit. Sounds like you don't have a fucking clue.

On the issue of the death penalty, it was useful when there was no other option to punish an individual for a crime such as murder, but now we have the resources to keep these individuals alive and away from society without having to end their lives. And in some very rare cases, these people can be rehabilitated. The death penalty is unnecessary, and those who want it in power tend to use it recklessly.
It was a comparison of jails in the USA COMPARED to jails in Europe. Prisons in the USA are comparitively like country clubs. If you disagree, go do some research first. I know enough about jail to know I know more than you. And quit bitching about racism and politics. You would have more luck getting into how people with money (Robert Blake) get away with murder and those with no money get the court appointed lawyer.

The death penalty people who would get life instead would not be there for rehabilitation. I would rather spend the sources we have on education and children. I do not want to spend any more than necessary on prisoners. I would rather see prisoners sent to Africa in the Peace Corps to be taught to help people.

Love the screen name and good luck with that murder.

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