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"Yes, but not for killing the cat. If you read the whole post, you would have read that I said it was because this type of person has no respect for life. If you read the story, it stated he wanted his kids to learn to kill. You are going to defend this person?"

I don't want to speak for Jolonar, but there's an enormous difference between defending someone and saying that someone deserves to be put to death. I find it a little hard to swallow that you have read one article that vaugely mentions several alleged offenses of this guy whom you've never met, and you think he should be put to death. Sorry, but the world isn't that black and white, and there's a whole lot of unknowns in this story, and to say the guy needs to die is insane. Now, I'm not defending the guy in any way. I think the sentence fits the crime. But death? Sorry, no.

"It was a comparison of jails in the USA COMPARED to jails in Europe. Prisons in the USA are comparitively like country clubs."

That's like saying having your limbs cut off with a rusty saw is enjoyable compared to being scalped. Yes, our prisons are more humane -- as they should be. The law says that we remove people from society. It doesn't say we actively torture them. It doesn't say we starve them. It doesn't say we treat them as sub-human. Should they be served wonderful food and given primpy beds? No. It shuold be punishement. And it absolutely is. If you really think we should go to the despicable ways of treating prinsoners, then move to one of those countries and support them.

"I know enough about jail to know I know more than you."

Umm, what? You want to read that again and retract that? That's a 100% flawed statement. If you have not been to prison (which is thousands of times more difficult and different than jail) than you do not have room to talk. Jail is horrible. Prison is much more horrible. Quit acting like you know what you are talking about in regards to this, because you clearly don't.

"Prisioners only participate in the programs to get time knocked off or mandated by the court, not to better themselves. So what you have are a bunch of people getting out of jail quicker and it did not better them in any way what so ever."

So in addition to knowing just exactly how bad prison is without ever having been there, you also have a handle of the minds of every prisoner who earns a degree while in prison? And the idea that getting a degree helps prisoners get out quicker is laughable and shows how little you know on the subject. Which is fine. You aren't obligated to know all about it. But again, stop acting like you do.