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Liberals: We can save everyone and eveything! We can save the trees. We can save the bugs. We can save people with no souls. And we can pay for it all through taxes. Unless of course by "we " we mean the upper and upper middle class, because the no one in the lower and low middle class should have to pay for anything. Boo hoo.

Stop acting like I am the bad guy and wrong, because I do not think like you do. For liberals, you people are very closed minded and think everyone without your opinion is wrong. How weak. I am a moderate.

You are right, I dismiss the 16 and probably more innocent people who were put to death. I am willing to bet almost all of those 16 did do all other sorts of crimes (not punishable by death) and very few if any of them were 100% totally innocent people who were accused, tried, convicted, had countless appeals and put to death wrongfully. Now you should admit that 16 is a very small percentage of people in the grand scheme of all those who have been put to death. But like I was mocking in my first paragraph of all liberals, you want to save eveything and everyone.

And if any of you bothered to read, I had said from a stand point of money the death penalty is useless. So surprise, I do not support the death penalty system, the way it stands right now. It costs more to kill a prisoner than to keep him locked away for life. If they change the system I would change my stance on the death penalty.

"fuckwit needs a stint doing bird" Fuckwit is funny, nice. Gave me a chuckle. What does bird mean?
Liberal isn't a dirty word here in the UK. It just means you're tolerant of others and generally quite open-minded.

I'm not a 'do-gooder' by any stretch of the imagination and I don't think saving trees even comes into this but I do recycle and keep an eye on my carbon footprint if that's what you're getting at. You have a child don't you? I would have thought you might actually give a rats ass about what state this world might end up in...for the sake of her and her future family at the very least.

Working class people pay taxes don't they? It doesn't start and end with the Middle and Upper Classes.

I'm not acting like you're the bad guy...not at all. I just don't agree that the wrongful death of 16 people is acceptable at all. Period. I'm not a betting person so I won't take you up on your wager but I don't think it matters if these people were whiter-than-white or complete scumbags. They were executed for a crime they didn't commit, end of story. Who are we to argue their shortcomings in a vein attempt to justify them being robbed of their lives?

Read about Timothy Evans and the 10 Rillington Place case. Better still watch the marvelous film. When you discover how a completely innocent man was hung back in the 50's for the murder of his Wife and child then you might feel differently.

It's easy to say "16 people, SO WHAT!?" but I'm sure if you endeavor to learn about individual cases you might not be so quick to dismiss these poor, dead bastards.

That's a LOT of states that still have the death penalty...I'm rather shocked actually.

Oh, and 'doing bird' is a British saying...means doing time in prison. I'm unsure where it actually originates from, but presume it is related to Cockney rhyming slang somehow.