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I disagree Mel1ssa, but thanks for weighing in. This first clip is just for you. God George Carlin nailed it. He was awesome. I miss him.

This second clip is also for you Mel1ssa, this answers your question to how I feel about the billions of not guilty people who were executed. I say billions, because I think you believe all people are not guilty.
diversions and balloons. good tactics. for 3-year olds.

you believe in the death penalty, but you are dismissive of how the penalty is administered. this says a lot about the value you place on a person's life. you are dangerous.

words like 'not guilty' and 'innocence' mean entirely different things in the context of our justice system. it's sad that i have to explain this to you.

(your response was completely OT. but, we agree that carlin was funny. i loved the link.)