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No, I'd support life in solitary confinement. The death penalty is old Hammurabi's Law 'eye for an eye' bullshit now.
This is the problem with Americans. Spoiled. Lazy. Weak. You forget how harsh most of the rest of the world really is. I thank God everyday that I do not have to rest my hopes on people like you that keep my country safe.

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Breaking News:

AshleysDad has gone missing.

He was last seen falling off his rocker and jumping off the deep end at the same time.

His whereabouts are unknown, but family members said he could be on his way to the newsstand to pick up the latest issue of Internet Tough-guy Magazine.

If you see him, call our tips hotline at 1-800-CRAZY-GUY.
Funny! But I would have rather been a poor Batman not a low rent Punisher.

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diversions and balloons. good tactics. for 3-year olds.

you believe in the death penalty, but you are dismissive of how the penalty is administered. this says a lot about the value you place on a person's life. you are dangerous.

words like 'not guilty' and 'innocence' mean entirely different things in the context of our justice system. it's sad that i have to explain this to you.

(your response was completely OT. but, we agree that carlin was funny. i loved the link.)
Your points are those of a 3 year old, so I will treat you like a 3 year old. You don't like my points and I refuse to say them over, because you can't read. I place no value on a person's life who kills another person and has no remorse about the deed.

Shut up about not guilty and innocence and explaining to me how liberal you are. I get it. Everyone is not guilty, because they are all innocent. The blame goes to someone else right? Save the trees, save the bees, save the whale, save those snails. Liberal.