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I place no value on a person's life who kills another person and has no remorse about the deed.

Shut up about not guilty and innocence and explaining to me how liberal you are. I get it. Everyone is not guilty, because they are all innocent. The blame goes to someone else right? Save the trees, save the bees, save the whale, save those snails. Liberal.
badbird's comment was that 16 people have later been exonerated based on DNA evidence. these are lives that you dismissed. these are not people who killed 'another person and has no remorse about the deed' (above). these are people who were not guilty of murder but were to be executed anyway. again, you are dismissive of this information, which indicates you place very little value on people's lives and are in fact dangerous.

your comments:
You are right, I dismiss the 16 and probably more innocent people who were put to death. I am willing to bet almost all of those 16 did do all other sorts of crimes (not punishable by death) and very few if any of them were 100% totally innocent people who were accused, tried, convicted, had countless appeals and put to death wrongfully. Now you should admit that 16 is a very small percentage of people in the grand scheme of all those who have been put to death. But like I was mocking in my first paragraph of all liberals, you want to save eveything and everyone.
you introduced the issue of innocence in this thread. you also contradicted yourself by acknowledging that whatever a person did in the past may not be punishable by death. when i first posted, and again the second time, i thought the idea of innocence and not guilty deserved some clarity. since you were obviously not focusing well.

of course, there were balloons to easily distract you...

the death penalty deserves a degree of gravity far beyond what you have given it.

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