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"I have addressed this in past posts and made my point very clear. Take the time to look for it yourself. Do the other side of the coin and point out where people have not addressed my questions either. Thank you."

I've re-read your posts here, and no, you have not addressed what you would do if you or someone you loved was the one being executed for a crime they didn't commit. You've mentioned that you don't really care and that you "won't lose sleep" over them, but clearly if you did know the person being executed, you would at least lose a little sleep, right?

Listen: There are all kinds of arguments made in the realm of politics, and quite often people bring up minor, crazy-rare cases that are not relevant. But we are dealing with HUMAN LIFE here. One person executed wrongly is way too much, REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER OTHER CRIMES THE PERSON COMMITED. Would you personally shoot and kill ten people if you knew that ten were murderers and one was innocent? What about 1 out of 100? Out of 1,000? You have stated that you are willing to dismiss 16 wrongly executed people. What if you knew one of those? What if the government told you they were going to kill someone you loved who was innocent, but if they killed that person they'd be able to kill 10 murderers? Would you be okay with that?

I'm not coming down on you, so please don't give me a baloon or make some funny remark, please address what I've brought up. I'm still having a hard time how you can DISREGARD the lives of 16 people. Of one person.
I respect the way you have addressed me and the issue. Very mature. Thank you. You deserve a balloon, but you said you don't want one, so I will not.

I am the type of guy likes to look at the bigger picture. If the death penalty was a real deterrent to crime, I would not sweat it at all if an innocent life if lost in the name of the bigger picture. I do not believe in the death penalty in its current form though. We can talk about "what ifs" all day and night. If someone I knew who was innocent was sent to their death, it would be sad. That is it.

The process that has to happen in order for a person to be put to death is very long and expensive. One has to be found guilty, usually by a jury of one's piers beyond a reasonable doubt. One has to lose a series of appeals. It takes years for a death row person to be put to death. With today's technology the amount of innocent people who are out to death should be almost no one. I am not going to scrap a whole system, because of a minority of people who turned out to be innocent were put to death. But, like I said, I do not think the death penalty is a deterrent or economical.

You personally need to remember you live in one of the most democratic and liberal areas in the USA. People do not think the same way we do in many parts of this county, Texas is a very different place altogether. As you get older and travel you will learn it first hand how different people are in this great country we live in. There are many people who will not like you just because you are from NY. It makes no sense, but some people do not make sense at all.

And I love the part of Huckabee's speech saying "I am not a Republican, because I grew up rich. I am a Republican, because I did not want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me." I hope one day you will understand this and not be a liberal democrat, because this is what a being a Republican means to me

I lied. Small balloon.