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"I am the type of guy likes to look at the bigger picture. If the death penalty was a real deterrent to crime, I would not sweat it at all if an innocent life if lost in the name of the bigger picture. I do not believe in the death penalty in its current form though. We can talk about "what ifs" all day and night. If someone I knew who was innocent was sent to their death, it would be sad. That is it."

Here's my problem: It's not like you are making a war choice of risking the life of a soldier who chose a dangerous profession (which is not to say the soldier deserves to die, only that they know the risk). You are risking the government arresting, trying, and killing someone who may be 100% innocent. This has happened. This, to me, is an unacceptable risk, regardless of what it costs money wise. Yes, we can talk about the 'what ifs', and as I said earlier in most cases I agree that those are silly arguments. But when we are talking about innocent lives, I just have a hard time with it.

"The process that has to happen in order for a person to be put to death is very long and expensive. One has to be found guilty, usually by a jury of one's piers beyond a reasonable doubt. One has to lose a series of appeals. It takes years for a death row person to be put to death. With today's technology the amount of innocent people who are out to death should be almost no one. I am not going to scrap a whole system, because of a minority of people who turned out to be innocent were put to death. But, like I said, I do not think the death penalty is a deterrent or economical. "

I agree that it's neither a deterrent nor economical, but the economics shouldn't be the issue. If we are going to say we have the right to execute people, we need to give them the right to take as much time as they need to make any case that they shouldn't be executed. Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE SCREWED THIS UP MULTIPLE TIMES!!! Technology continues to get people off death row. An amount of money does nothing to convince me this is worth it.

"You personally need to remember you live in one of the most democratic and liberal areas in the USA. People do not think the same way we do in many parts of this county, Texas is a very different place altogether. As you get older and travel you will learn it first hand how different people are in this great country we live in. There are many people who will not like you just because you are from NY. It makes no sense, but some people do not make sense at all."

All right, I've tried, so help me out here: What in the world does this have to do with anything? Don't talk to me about 'getting older', bro, we are both adults here and I don't like being talked down to by a peer. I've lived in NY, Cali, Chicago, Milwaukee, Virginia, and Central America. Why assume I've never left my state, or that I don't know that some people don't like us New Yawkers? I don't think you are trying to be a prick here, but look back at what you said: Wouldn't it be pretty easy for me to interpret that as a totally condescending head-pat with a 'there-there little one' attitude? I mean, I appreciate the intent I suppose, but you just don't make friends in this arena by talking down to people you know nothing about. I'm honestly not offended...but don't you see how I could be?

"And I love the part of Huckabee's speech saying "I am not a Republican, because I grew up rich. I am a Republican, because I did not want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me." I hope one day you will understand this and not be a liberal democrat, because this is what a being a Republican means to me"

Again, what does this have to do with anything? Does me not wanting to wantonly execute anyone I don't like make me a liberal? Why shove me into that box just because I don't line up in support of your ideas?