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Here's my problem: It's not like you are making a war choice of risking the life of a soldier who chose a dangerous profession (which is not to say the soldier deserves to die, only that they know the risk). You are risking the government arresting, trying, and killing someone who may be 100% innocent. This has happened. This, to me, is an unacceptable risk, regardless of what it costs money wise. Yes, we can talk about the 'what ifs', and as I said earlier in most cases I agree that those are silly arguments. But when we are talking about innocent lives, I just have a hard time with it.

Let me say this as nice as I can. STOP!!!!!!!!!! I answered you politely. I feel how I feel and you feel how you feel. I am not debating you on how I feel. If you feel my thoughts are not smart than you have to accept that some people are not so smart. I accept you for your thoughts. I think many of your thoughts are no so smart, but I am not trying to chance you or debate you on your thoughts, so stop.