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Old 09-06-2008, 03:09 AM
"I find you to be like a woman. You always need the last word. You just can't leave it alone and respectfully move on from me on this issue, can you?"

Wow. I've shown you nothing but respect. You respond by calling me stupid (among other insults) and apparently to you calling me a woman is also an insult. Real grown up, bro.

As far as the having the last word thing...considering I could with 100% validity make the same accusation against you, that's a pretty silly insult. At least I try to talk about and respond to issues instead of telling people to shut up and insulting them.

You call my questions stupid, without explaining why, so I can only assume you believe they are stupid because you don't agree with the premise. Honestly, I don't understand what makes you so upset at me, and why instead of either responding or just ignoring you actually tell me to stop posting. That's what I'd like and explanation for. You tell me I always need the last word, but you are the one who decides to tell me to stop posting instead of just ignoring the whole thing. I've been nothing but civil and you continue to call me childish names. I never said or insinuated that you need to agree with me on my opinions, but apparently disagreeing with you is enough for you to turn on someone. Too bad.