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I am not even going to read what you write beyond the first paragraph. No you have not been respectful. I have repeatedly asked you to move on from me. I also read almost the exact same type of post to you in another thread, so perhaps you are the one with the problem. Since I gave you the opportunity to be the bigger man and you blew it, I will be the bigger man and stop replying to your posts in this thread.

I am done debating you in this thread.

One small point, it is really annoying that you do not quote in your posts. When we reply to you it is annoying to have to delete the part you did not quote properly. It just makes the posts so much longer in length.
Well there you go, buddy. Anything to make your life easier.

I'm glad that you've finally admitted that you don't even read my posts all the way through, that's been painfully obvious for a while now. I also don't think you understand the word 'respect'. Continuing to discuss after you want to stop is not being disrespectful. You are not in charge here. I can't 'move on' from you because I never 'moved to' you. I'm discussing a topic in a thread, which again is the purpose of doing this.

In all seriousness, please point out where I posted 'the exact same type of post' in another thread. I'd also like to know what kind of posts I do. I guess you mean informed and thought out and non-insulting.

Thanks for the laugh about the 'bigger man' comment. I think it's funny that you think you are the grown up but you are the one who's so worked up here. I've been nothing but respectful of your opinion, and you continue to call me names and not listen to what I say, and yet you are the 'bigger man'? There's nothing for me to walk away from. I'm sorry you wanted to fight. I guess if being respectful and not calling people names is 'blowing it' than I stand guilty. If you can find one point where I was disrespectful towards you, I'll gladly leave the forums forever and not continue to spread my types of post (whatever that is) around your forums. Again, though: Remember that me posting in a public forum when you'd prefer I stopped is not being disrespectful. If that's true, report me. Go ahead and e-mail a Mod and tell them I need to be banned because I continued to post in a forum after you called me stupid and told me to stop.

"Does the death penalty actually deter crime, or does it just help perpetuate the incredibly violent culture?"

It certainly doesn't deter crime, but it also doesn't do the latter. People have no problem being violent on their own.