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some thoughts on this week

First. [QUOTEsbunn10=] What do you guys think about the Jets' chances of winning the division now that Brady is out of the picture? Or the Bills? I was surprised by both of them today. [/QUOTE]

You know what this division is now wide open I think either the Jets or the Bills can take it. I was impressed with Pennington to think the Dolphins will be better than I thought maybe 6 wins or possibly 7.

While the Bills were great but really how good is Seattle? I don't think they are that good.

Also Atlanta looked good and Michael Turner was awesome I will admit the Falcons will be better than I thought and all of us thought but I think the Lions are going to be very terrible.

Also it's sad that the Bengals lost to a rookie QB.

Now for Brady's injury now I don't cheer injuries (unless it's a certain whiny ahole WR that will remain nameless in every one of my posts), but I'm not sad either this is a team that has gotten lucky for years and this is karma biting them where it hits them. You have to have luck go your way and this team has been lucky for 6 years with injuries and other teams misfortunes.

And the Colts lost there's still 15 more games I wouldn't be worried yet hey didn't they lose their pening game a few years ago and were fine.

There's a long way to go so I wouldn't get too excited about the first week yet.
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