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some thoughts on this week

First. [QUOTEsbunn10=] What do you guys think about the Jets' chances of winning the division now that Brady is out of the picture? Or the Bills? I was surprised by both of them today.

I do not buy intot he Jets yet. The honeymoon is not over for Favre yet. That ball he just threw up for grabs just before the half is not always going to be caught by a Jet. The Bills have been building since last year. I am going with the Bills. I am not counting out the Pats yet though. They still have a great line and other offensive weapons.

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You don't know much about football do you? Tom Brady is a class act and has been the posterboy for the NFL for years, this couldn't have happened to a better guy, and that's a damn shame. It's an absolute honor watching Brady carve up defenses. Tom Brady is the very definition of classy. And this is coming from a Bills fan! Now Belichick, there is an arrogant asshole. Although he is a fucking genius, so he has some respect from me. If there is anyone who can coach the Patriots to the AFC East title without Brady it's Belichick.
Belichick is the biggest asshole in sports. He would give Ty Cobb a run for biggest asshole in sports history.
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