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He surely was disappointed by the loss, but he showed sportsmanship and professionalism the entire time. You'd be far fetched to find a more classy player in the NFL. He's always the first to shake the hand of the opposing quarterback. He donates lots of time and money each year to charities across the globe. He's a good human being. I think you're letting your dislike of the Patriots effect your opinion on the matter.
It's highly possible. I didn't know about the charities, but an arrogant person can still be a good person at heart. However, his comment was made before the Superbowl, not after. He was told that the Giants were being spotted seven points, and he smirked and basically said, "Yeah...they'll score seven on us" in an incredibly snarky manner. But yeah, you're right...I dislike the Patriots immensely. I won't deny that.
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