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Hello folks...

I think it's time to remind everyone that THIS IS A PRIVATE FORUM.

Only those who we judge to be MATURE and CONSTRUCTIVE people are allowed to post in here. If you're in here and posting, we obviously saw you to fit into that category, but of late, the forum is starting to turn into a little bit of a "bitch-fest" between some people, and that WON'T WORK.

Here, once again, is a reminder of what you ALL agreed to: "Please DO NOT ASK PERMISSION if you don't think you're ready to participate in mature, constructive and above all, RESPECTFUL discussions about politicus conversatus."

One person has already been removed from this forum because they started to take potshots at others. Here's a small piece of advice to all those who DON'T LIKE a certain person in this forum, or don't share their ideals, thoughts, etc... : LET IT BE. IGNORE THEM. DEBATE THEM ON THEIR ARGUMENTS, but if we start to see more replies that are taking PERSONAL shots at certain members, we will remove your privileges from this forum, and if required, BAN you from the site altogether.

C'mon people...this was one of the LEAST problematic forums on our entire board...let's keep it that way.

Thanks for understanding.