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Belichick wasn't a genius until he got Brady. Actually, he wasn't even a very good coach until then.
There are 2 reasons I disagree with this. First off, he was a brilliant coordinator, so we know the man has a great football mind. Secondly, he's a great game-time coach. You never see him lost or confused (like Romeo Crennel was on Sunday) and he always creates brilliant schemes, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. He's a versatile coach who has won in different ways: their first Super Bowl team was a very rugged, physical team. Their defense has been completely overhauled, yet until last year Belichick managed to keep them at the top of the league as key guys were replaced (Law, Ted Johnson, Lawyer Milloy, etc.). Last year, when he realized they didn't have the personnel to excel defensively (part age, part injury, part people leaving) he opened up the offense and broke records. Now, obviously, he's a better coach with Brady. Brady is one of the 10 best qbs to ever play the game, but I think Belichick will just go back to the way he coached in the earlier part of the decade: they have 4 solid running backs (when Faulk comes back) so I expect a lot of running, screen passes (this used to be the best screen-pass team in the league), and field position battles. They'll still be competative every week and probably make the playoffs, but I wouldn't count on them to go any farther.
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