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Boring, because they don't hit a lotta HRs?

I dunno...the Twins have been one of this season's great surprises to watch for me. Gardenhire deserves much, much consideration for Manager of the Year. You're not supposed to lose two key franchise players in an offseason and still compete right down to the wire.

Ozzie's a helluva lot more fun to watch than Gardenhire is, I'll give you that much.
Don't get me wrong, the Twins are a very good team, who have been very consistent over the years. I may have been a bit harsh out of the gate calling them "boring as shit". A better way to say it would be that they are not one of my favorite teams to watch. They play their asses off and do what they have to do to get the job done. It's not because they don't hit a lot of home runs, as some of the most exciting teams in baseball aren't big home run teams (look at the 2007 Indians, I don't know how many HRs they hit, but that certainly isn't what I remember them for). Minnesota just doesn't have the flare of some other teams. I have a package where every game is on every night, when I'm not watching the Yankees I like to watch other teams play. When I'm going through the channels to see which game I would like to watch, Minnesota isn't exactly the team I want to watch. They're kind of like watching the San Antonio Spurs. A very fundamentally sound team, a very good team with a great coaching staff, but at the end of the day, they're not the most exciting team to watch.

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i don't understand how the Twins are boring as shit to watch? They have a lot of underrated players who play hard, and a no-name rotation that pitched their fuckin hearts out, not to mention they have the best Catcher in the game (who won the batting title) and a former AL MVP Justin Morneau, definately not a boring team at all if you actually enjoy watching the game.
I enjoy watching the game. I watched all 162 Yankee games this season. Yes, all 162. It was painful sometimes, but I love watching the game so much that I stuck it out for all 162 games. Not to mention several other games which I watched when the Yankees weren't playing. So don't question that because I enjoy the hell out of watching baseball games and have for many years. Again, Minnesota is a good team, they have very good players, and are a severely underrated team. But when every day you watch a baseball game, that takes 3 hours or more of your day. If I'm going to watch another game, I'd rather watch some teams with a little flare, a little swagger, like the Angels, Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, and last year the Indians were particularly exciting to watch. The 10 or so games I see the Twins play each year is enough to realize how good they are, know that they have an excellent coaching staff, and that they are a very fundamentally sound team. But they're just not a team I'm going to devote an extra 3 hours a day to on top of the 3 hours I've already spent watching the Yankees.
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