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Not to be a dick to anyone here, but the Yankees are not in the playoffs - let's take a break from always talking about them......just a thought.

Sorry, I am from middle America and that is all you here from all different areas, "The Yanks..." Fuck this shit.

The White Sox and Cubs made the same postseason for the first time since 1906 - yeah Chicago, fuck New York!!!!

I bet ESPN shit themselves because there cannot be a Yanks/Sawx series. 2 Chicago teams, 2 LA teams and 0 NY teams!!!!!

Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!
Yeah. I hear ya. I always feel guilty about bringing up the Yanks or chiming in on convos about them, since they do get so much attention in the media and elsewhere. It is weird that it's October and it's the first round and the only way to spot Jeter right now is in a razor ad. Heh. Unless there's a monumental front office move, I think Yankee chatter's going to quiet down a bit. (Speaking of, smart move in keeping Cashman around.)

But it's kinda good for the MLB that they're not in it this year - the Yanks - because there have been some great stories elsewhere in the league and they're panning out now in October (Rays, Cubs, Angels...).

That all said, I still see a Yankee subplot of sorts stirring in this postseason, in that I'd like to see Torre and L.A. go all the way (nothing against the Cubs, Phils, or Brewers).

As perverse as that might be - a Yankee fan cheering on the Dodgers.
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