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top 10

1. Ran- Kirasawa
2. M- Lang
3. Nights of Caberia- Fellini
4. Diabolique-Henri Georges Clouzot
5. Eyes without a Face- George Franju
6. Audition- Takashi Miike
7. Roshamon- Kirasawa
8. Pandora's Box-G.W.Pabst
9. Raise the red Lantern- Judou- Story of Qui Jui- Not One Less-Yimou Zhang
10. Le Ceremonie- Claude Chabrol
11.In the mood for love- I had a very strong possitive reaction to this film- Wong Kar Wai
12. Woman in the Dunes- also a great book

directors Kirasawa, Felini, Polanski, Fritz Lang,Yimou Zhang, Kiyoshi Kurasawa, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Ki Duk-Kim, Trauffaut, Renoir, SERGIO LEONE, Dario Argento Luis Burnuel, Takashi Miike ---there are a lot more

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