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Forgetting someone? The Green Bay Packers.

It's laughable that you put that Redskins as the team to beat in the NFC.
I put them behind the Giants and i'm not forgetting the Packers Right now I think they are going to be in a fight with the Bears for the division and I think the Bears would have easily taken the NFC North had they not blown 3 games in the 4th QTR.

Aaron Rodgers has these up and down games where he looks great one week and another week he just looks okay and defensively the injuries are starting to pile up on them I don't think they are better than Carolina, Washington, Giants, and possibly Phily.

Giants and Redskins are going to finish with the top 2 records in the NFC the way it looks right now them and Carolina are I believe the best 2 teams in the NFC as a matter of fact let me go throught the whole NFC right now with the teams I have as legit playoff contenders I'm not including Detroit, Seattle or San Francisco

1. New York Giants - haven't missed a beat defensively with the injuries and retirements.
2. Washington Redskins - 0 INTs from Campbell and Portis leads the league in rushing, injures on defense starting to pile up thought
3. Carolina Panthers - Like the Redskins finding a way to win the close games
4. Chicago Bears - Love the D, Orton looks good so far.
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Love the D don't like the offense
6. Philadelphia Eagles - Vulnerable against the pass losses to Dallas and Washington early put them in the hole.
7. New Orleans Saints - The D will cost them a playoff spot
8. Green Bay Packers - Ryan Grant hasn't looked most of the year partly due to injuries team isn't as consistent as last year.
9. Arizona Cardinals - I know they will win their division but this team is shit on the road and the D on the road is too inconsistent
10. Dallas Cowboys - without injuries this team would be higher but Brad Johnson looks terrible and with the Giants and Redskins within the next 3 weeks 5-5 isn't out of the question making this team toast.
11. Minnesota Vikings - Ferotte is better than Jackson which isn't saying much team still can't defend against the pass
12. Atlanta Falcons - Impressed with Matt Ryan
13. St. Louis Rams - only because they have 2 shots at the Cardinals plus games against Seattle, 49ers, Miami still left.

So there are who I believe are legit playoff contenders so far and if you want to point out any arguments on how the Redskins aren't as good as their 6-2 record indicates then you go ahead and tell me how this team is terrible because unless Campbell and Portis both get injured this team will make the playoffs and are serious contenders in the NFC the way it is right now.
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