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Thoughts on this weeks games

Giants looked good and I really think them and the Redskins are the top 2 teams in the NFC and I don't think it's even close between them and whoever you want to put at 3 maybe Carolina I like how they are playing this year.

Dallas despite the win they look atrocious on offense this team will get killed next week against the Giants.
The Giants looked really good the other night, in my opinion. The D-line did a great job of harrassing Big Ben, and the O-line did a fine job of protecting Eli Manning. A big win for the Giants, for sure.

I expected the Bucs to beat the Brad Johnson-led Cowboys, and they should've done just that -- they didn't. Their offense worries me, and I think it should worry them as well.

The Titans are still undefeated -- 7-0. When will the streak end? I think they'll take care of the Packers this week, but the Bears could upset them the following week.

I'll be shocked if the Colts can find a way to get themselves into the playoffs.

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