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The Titans are still undefeated -- 7-0. When will the streak end? I think they'll take care of the Packers this week, but the Bears could upset them the following week.

Well, the next 4 games for the Titans are GB, Chicago, Jacksonville and the NYJets. They're not going undefeated for the year, and probably could care less about that. However, If they go 2-2 thru those next 4 teams, then it's a cakewalk for the rest of the season with possibly one other loss for them, barring any catastrophic injuries.

Pencil them in at 13-3 with homefield throughout the playoffs. That's what coach Fisher is looking for, and will probably get.

As for the Ravens and Steelers, well there upcoming schedules are so horrific you can barely look at them..especially Baltimore's. The Bills schedule is a bit more aggreable, but they've been losing when you least espect it.

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