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Stop projecting your feelings on to us. Just stop it!

For the record:

Tweek said they don't think you can shame posters for voicing an opinion
I pointed out that random people on the streets don't get topics started about them
SAI pointed out that attraction is subjective.

You, on the other hand, have added the least to the discussion, starting off by saying everyone was wrong, then when questioned how they can be wrong, turning it out like your some kind of victim on net bullying that there's no evidence of.

Reponses you have given that are more about you than about any of the input anyone else has given. We all voiced an opinion of your thread, but you refuse to acknowledge or comprehend any of our posts and instead are just harping on some invisible war between you and unknown enemies.

But I can play that game too, and if you call my mom a stank ho one more time, there will be hell to pay!
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