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The Giants and Titans deserve every accolade that comes their way. Giants are the defending champs and the Titans are undefeated. With all due respect to every other team, I think the attention paid to the Giants and Titans is completely validated.

As for the Panthers, I think you're right. Julius Peppers looks like Julius Peppers again, their running game is the best in the league, and their passing game is adequate. I think they'll give the Giants a heck of a battle when they play. I wouldn't be surprised if they win the NFC.

Cards would be in the discussion if their defense can get its act together. No reason they're that bad. But Warner is the MVP right now.
Oh the Giants and Titans deserve every accolade they get it's everyone has the Giants ahead of the Titans even though the Titans are undefeated.

If the Cardinals beat the Giants and I think they have a chance this week they deserve to be in the discussion.
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