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The finale was awesome. One of my faves this season. Vamp Butters doing the hiss was funny every time as was him trying to feed on Cartman. The silly parodies of Goth songs that appeared throughout the episode was funny as well. My favorite part was when Butters was trying to tape the Vampire Kids and the Butters Big Texas Show comes on, that was hilarious.

Since it is the end, I'll rank the episodes of Season 12:

1. Super Fun Time
2. Pandemic 2: The Startling
3. The Ungroundable
4. Britney's New Look
5. Over Logging
6. ...About Last Night
7. Major Boobage
8. Eek, A Penis
9. Breast Cancer Show Ever
10. Elementary School Musical
11. Tonsil Trouble
12. Canada On Strike!
13. Pandemic
14. The China Problem

Not my favorite season, but the top 6 were all funny. It just seemed like they ran out of ideas on a few episodes.
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