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I liked Phantoms, other than that Koontz has never really done it for me.

He always ends happy, that's the problem. It always ends with in a neat little package with a bow-tie.
Not always...Odd Thomas did not end happy at all..

As for Koontz I usually like what I read by him but his books kind of have a "popcorn movie" feel to them..You know lots of flare with little depth though he does not usually disappoint...The only real problem I have with Koontz is that I usually go through his books in a day or two and I like my books to be meaty and full of depth..As for some recommendations by Koontz I would say the Odd Thomas series: Odd Thomas,Forever Odd,Brother Odd,and Odd Hours are excellent books...I have also enjoyed, The Darkest Night of the Year,The Good Guy
,and The Husband
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