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DVD Crawl. Vol. 26, #3 - December 30th, 2008

"Blasphemy? Before what? God? A God repulsed by the miserable humanity He created in His own image? I will not be shackled by the failures of your God. The only blasphemy is to wallow in insignificance. I have taken refuse of your God's failures and I have triumphed. There! THERE is my creation!" - Dr. Herbert West

Two stores - three titles.

I'm kicking myself now. I made an error. I forgot that "Eagel Eye" has an exclusive from Circuit City. Too late now. I've removed all the stickers from it (security and security bar). Grand. On top of that, I lost the receipt. I didn't care about it, THEN. The discs were mint.

I'm off my game this week. I remembered Sunday afternoon that "Resident Evil: Degeneration" comes out that day. When I got there all the lithos were gone. I asked around and got conflicting answers. Some said they were all gone; picked up by early customers and others said they hadn't gotten them in. I left Best Buy with the DVD. I returned today. Nope. Now I'm told that they indeed received them on Sunday. All gone.

On the bright side I was at Wal-Mart and found that bonus disc for "Iron Man". Sway. It was here that I bought my copy of "Eagle Eye" (2 disc set). Which by the way the store had priced higher, $24.98. I kept scratching my head; this should be $22.98. Joy.

Watched that episode of the upcoming cartoon series "Iron Man" from the disc. The animation was decent. But the writing... well I guess it is geared towards kids. I was expecting more I suppose.

Anyhow, did anybody get that litho or the EE from CC?

Circuit City's exclusive game card for "Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor"/Target's exclusive booklet for "Wanted" (yes it's rectangular)/Wal-Mart's exclusive disc for "Iron Man"

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