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DVD Crawl. Vol. 27, #1 - January 6th, 2009

"No, there's nothing wrong with our shooting, gentlemen. In primitive nervous systems like this allosaurus, even a fatal wound might register in the brain with a delayed action. As your saying would have it, this "chap" was late for his own funeral." - Captain Von Schoenvorts

Three stores - two titles.

Eight per store. I see. Well those eight surely became none in probably less than 35 minutes. My main target was the exclusive limited gift set from Best Buy for "Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.0". I got there at 10:13 AM. Copies present? Three. I was expecting to find the lot on the new release table. Nope. Then I looked in the television section. Of course not. Then on the wall-shelf at the end with more new releases. Negative. Then I saw that DVD stand, holding various titles and those said three copies. Got mine. I did a quick search for "Eurotrip". Yes they did have it... full screen; all the copies on sale. I passed.

Okay. Some will find the gift set a disappointment. Look at the pixs below. The dog tags take up a big part of the slipcase. And the cardboard on the blister pack isn't DVD case size. So the thin cases inside kinda slump over. I haven't opened the dog tags. I found that putting it in the end after the booklet and upside down actually, kinda fills up the space. Somewhat.

Something I found out. Those dog tags (metal, not plastic - does not include chain) normally retail for $19.99. Interesting. The booklet is nifty (character profiles). You can see that scan below as well. Anyhow, there is a big gap should you take out the tags. But I read a comment by JSwarce at DVD Talk Forum that may very well explain the cavity...
I picked up my BSG set today and was surprised that there was such a gap in the case when you took out the dogtags. Seems like this packaging was not thought out too well. I did take out the dogtags and the Razor slim case, and I could put my two disc Razor DVD with slipcover inside the 4.0 box! So maybe I will just ditch the Razor DVD, or give to a friend.
I just gave it a try, it does in fact FIT; the DVD with the extra thick slipcover (folds out). I'm sold. JSwarce is right on the money. I believe this was deliberate. Most fans already own "Razor" (I do), it's a perfect way to house it. A fancy slipcover. *nods* Will I do that? Nah, I'm too anal. I'm keeping this set as is. But it's nice to know I have that option.

The remaining stores relate to "Babylon A.D.". But I'm going back to Best Buy. When I was there in the morning, I only saw one copy of the two disc set. Lots of the single disc version though.

I was at Circuit City around 6:40 PM. There I saw two copies - just doing recon there. I bought the uncut set from my local Wal-Mart shortly there after; the very last copy. Yeah. What's going on? Did this become a very hot seller? Was the two disc-er short packed? I know I'm not imagining this. Most weird. Have you guys found it with ease?

Anyhow, here are the scans; back of the box (better swag image), booklet and dog tags...

There is another exclusive for season 4.0, but only for our Canadian fanboys and fangirls - a steelbook case from Future Shop.

Best Buy has two delete scenes on their "BSG" 4.0 page. These scenes (presented as MP4s) are NOT on the DVD set. This has been confirmed by the Digital Bits website. The scenes (episodes "Faith" and "Six Of One") can be downloaded. I got mine, click here for yours. Well this turned into a long DVD Crawl post.

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