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Circuit City - January 27th, 2009


I suppose all this info is now purely trivial. Which sucks. I realized most hate shopping here, but I found excellent deals on DVDs. A good chunk of the collection has came from Circuit City. They had good five dollar and eight dollar sales. Stuff I didn't have. I was here for the last and now final Black Friday. I hope this doesn't mean that Best Buy will have less sales.

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$4.99 DVDs

Shaft (2000 version)
Rules Of Engagement
The Long Kiss Goodnight
The Invincible Iron Man
Doctor Strange
Next Avengers

(information from DVD Talk Forum - speedy1961)

There you have it. I think the last real store exclusive was that internet based thingie (which I still need) for "Eagle Eye".

To quote Tron: "End Of Line".
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