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DVD Crawl. Vol. 28, #1 - February 3rd, 2009

"Thank you for coming to me with this. I'll of course pay whatever it is you're asking, whatever price you think is fair. And I shall accept your word that it's genuine. But if at some point I should find out that it's fake, that you tried to con me in any way, or that I hear you've made copies and someone else has one... then I'll have to come back here and hurt you." - Karl Kreutzfeld

Two stores - five titles.

The day belongs to Jason. Picked up "Friday The 13th" one through three from Wal-Mart. I am fuzzy. I was earlier at Best Buy and saw the first movie DVD's. I can't recall if its slipcover was lenticular. I could very well be exclusive to Wal-Mart, just as it was with those Indy films.

Also bought from Wal-Mart was "His Name Was Jason" documentary. Those Voorhees titles are selling quick. I went back later to pick up Part 3 and found one copy. The rest (as in all the DVDs) were gone. Wow.

On Saturday I received a voucher from Best Buy; RewardZone. Five bucks; used that buy "Zack And Miri Make A Porno". I'll watch this weekend. As it stands I'm half way through "Fall Of The Roman Empire". I'm liking it.

I suppose the only comment I left was a conversation I had with my friends; the definition of a MILF. This sprang from a DVD crawl I had last week. I saw this gorgeous blonde in a green t-shirt and jeans (tight fitting clothes) with one of those double decker baby carriages - two tikes. She must've been twenty-five or so. They're under the impression that for the woman to bare that monicker she has to be in her late 30s or older. I disagree. The acronym speaks for itself.

Should be interesting. I haven't seen these Jason features in almost twenty years. Yeah. The last time I saw them was on VHS.

I should mention this. There appears to be an exclusive at Blockbuster for "Zack And Miri" - the bonus: "Seth Vs. Justin: Battle For Improvisational Supremacy Part II". Why is this not listed? It seems only available on their rental copies. Not for sale... at least not yet. Perhaps I can find this on YouTube soon.

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