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Read all 3 volumes. Great read. Grant Morrison is a madman, but he delivers quite well on the comic book page. The ending was anticlimactic, but that's only because the Invisibles get into so many other crazy adventures, that by the time they get to the final showdown, you've gotten so used to it. Maybe that's the true genius of the work. It makes the impossible become normal in a way. I love the psychedelic nature of some of the passages. The art was always great. I loved the shifting artist. It fit with the concept of the book, that reality is constantly shifting.

The idea of liquid information was really great, and God being trapped his own creation. There was a lot of heady stuff going on in the book. Some times, you're left sort of wondering, "Wait, what did I just read?" But that makes it more rewarding for me. I don't like being ahead of the storyteller and the Invisibles is anything but predictable. Even naysayers have to give Morrison credit for weaving all these genres and conspiracies together. I've been trying to do the same in some work of my own. I'm glad I'm not the only artist interested in weaving conspiracies with stories. It makes for great writing indeed.

I give this an A!
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