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1.Apres Moi-Regina Spektor
I've listened to this album a pretty fair amount of times and I'd say this is probably my favorite track, a really cool song.

2. The Real Slim Shady-Eminem
Reminds me of jr. high, which was probably the last time I heard it. But it's bringing back a lot of memories from that time.

3. Reservations-Wilco
I've listened to this song too little to have a real opinion on it.

4. The Big Come Down-Nine Inch Nails
Like everything else on The Fragile, it's pretty much perfect.

5. Somebody Someone-Korn
I actually really don't like Korn, a friend insisted that I put their Greatest Hits on my computer...No opinion on this one.

6. Graduate-Third Eye Blind
Awesome song, I used to listen to these guys religiously. Good nostalgia.
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