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DVD Crawl. Vol. 29, #1 - March 10th, 2009

"Beef? You mean like from a cow?" - Jack Deth

Two stores - three titles.

It's odd for me. I'm usually on top of such thing; at the end of every month I visit VideoETA and map out the next month's releases of interest. Yet somehow I missed one. Today, season four of "The Girls Next Door" came out. *raised eyebrow* I was lookin' at the new release table at Best Buy and saw that. Huh? Picked that up ($24.99). It's in those new cases, the ones that hold multi-discs in the size of the standard DVD... case (seasons 1 and 2 of "The Invaders"). I kinda miss those boxes with the slim cases used for seasons 1 - 3. Oh well. My then noted, only target was "Howard The Duck", found that for ten bucks. I remember seeing this in the theaters. I liked it. Not listed above, but bought was re-release of "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back". I already own it. But I needed the case, the re-release replaces the two disc, thick Alpha case with the standard case. I needed an extra Alpha because of a six dollar purchase off Amazon. I now finally own the two disc set for "Big Trouble In Little China". Mint - wraparound, DVDs and insert. But the case is all worn and torn. Musical chairs; old JASBSB went into the new case and BTILC went into the old JASBSB. I'm gonna sell the bought today JASBSB (now in the old BTILC case) at my local used video/music shop. I'm satisfied with the results. Oh yeah, I saw "Let The Right One In" there with the lenticular slipcover. The slipcover is sealed under the wrapping.

Lastly I bought more socks and "Transporter 3" from Wal-Mart for twenty dollars. This was the cheapest for the two disc set. But keep in mind that Wal-Mart prices are different from location to location. Didn't see "Howard" there. I'm glad I had an extra two disc case. The movie comes in one of those eco-friendly cases. It uses less plastic, you get a hub shaped empty space inside. Screw that! It's flimsily. Try closing that thing, it warps. I'm not a fan of them. It goes further... the slipcase has a cut window listing the extra features right off the DVD's wraparound. I have nearly torn the thing twice now. The rectangular hole is in the middle. Not a fan of this either. Do I recycle? Yes, plastic bottles and aluminium cans. I uses that money to purchase stuff from various 99 cent menus. Anyhow, I have one of those collapsible fabric hampers with a trash bag inside to hold the stuff. There is a place for such things, but getting a substandard product is stupid. You really want to help? How about this... stop making full screen titles. Think of all the plastic saved and paper not used for the printings. There, problem solved.

Checked. As it turns out VideoETA didn't list season four. Probably since it was originally announced that it had a February release. So I didn't screw up.

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