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Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Podcast #76 - Umphrey's McGee --- Ah! 79 minutes and 56 seconds of live HEAT from the best live act touring today. It begins with a little After Midnight (J.J. Cale) cover, then into some crunch I'm sure. Sadly I can't listen to it all, though, and we must continue...

Last Suppitt - Lettuce --- Funk, fun, funk. Lettuce is a nasty band and I wish they'd come see me down here in the South.

The Siren's Eye - Racer X --- Ha. Damn. Not funky at all, but jamming in its own right. Paul Gilbert is the fucking man.

Oidris - The New Mastersounds --- Again shuffle hits me with the funk. This is hardcore jazz-funk for anyone interested in such an amazing genre.

Podcast #2 - Umphrey's McGee --- Again I'm hit with almost 120 minutes of straight Umphrey's McGee. Damn.

Ratha Be Ya Nigga - 2Pac --- Mmm... the sweet sound of Pac's voice and poetry.
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