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Bumping this thread because . . . well, why the fuck not.

I was talking to Jaded about FF the other day and wanted to bump this, especially upon noticing how I really hadn't posted here for a while.

I finished IX and I fucking loved it. I think I'll be the only fan here who actually thinks discs 3/4 > discs 1/2. The "You're Not Alone!" scene in Pandemonium after the meeting with Garland is the BEST scene Final Fantasy has done (though I'm missing 4 games). Memoria is the best dungeon ever and the game in general had some of the most memorable visuals in the series.

Also, Vivi is one of the best characters in the entire series. His fate at the end of the game really, really surprised me.


That letter he writes to Zidane and company that plays over the finale was very, very touching. I was surprised how incredibly likable he (and all the black mages in general) were. And some of their ponderings were actually interesting. Weird thing in a game like it.

Kuja was a lame villain though. Garland was ten times more interesting.

With that--


* * *
I'm also about three fourths into Final Fantasy III for the DS and I'm enjoying it, though less than I enjoyed FFII. I don't really love the job system as much as I thought I would (especially considering what it did for the genre and the series) and the characters are flatter than even the cast of II. I also need the plot to go somewhere soon. Nothing's really happened.
My man. Somehow, IX is always the forgotten game. Can't figure out why. I've always said it's on my top tier of Final Fantasy games. Can't actual come up with a strict order (it'll change based on whatever I've played more recently) but IX is way up there. The problem is, a lot of the "homages" they pay to previous FF games make it seem less creative. Particularly Kuja, who pretty much is a conglomerate of Golbez and Kefka.

But I agree with you 100% about Garland. Shame how he was wasted. He was much deeper than Kuja. And also, the visuals are amazing. I remember watching the Odin/Bahamut scene like 10 times. I personally thought it had the best cast, too. Zidane was a fun alternative to the brooding leads like Squall and Cloud, Freya was the first legitimately powerful female who didn't fall in love with the main character, Vivi was flat out classic... and, most importantly, I didn't actually hate any one (something I can't saay about, say, FFVII, cause of Barrett). And it actually had a phenomenal ending. Great game from start to finish. One of my faves, definitely.

My order (not strict, just broken into tiers)

Tier 1:
VI (gun to my head, this is the best one)
Crisis Core (I played a ton of other FF games, but this is the only one I'm gonna mention here because it was particularly awesome).

Tier 2:
IV (bumped down because, upon a recent replay, it is a bit ridiculous)

Tier 3:
X (probably the only person who didn't love this game... cast annoyed me way too much)

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