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DVD Crawl. Vol. 30, #1 - April 21st, 2009

"Lars asked us not to wear black today. He did so to remind us that this is no ordinary funeral. We are here to celebrate Bianca's extraordinary life. From her wheelchair, Bianca reached out and touched us all, in ways we could never have imagined. She was a teacher. She was a lesson in courage. And Bianca loved us all. Especially Lars. Especially him." - Reverend Bock

Three stores - five titles.

Well, this turned into an expensive day. My wallet weeps. There was just recon done at Best Buy. This and that. Looked about and reminisced. From Wal-Mart picked up "Caprica" and "My Own Worst Enemy: Complete Series". It's too bad the latter has no extras. I don't get that. Why??? The NBC website for the show had interviews and behind-the-scenes featuretes. Was it too hard for them to include that on the DVD? It's not like they have to produce it, it was already done. How about a commentary at least on the final episode; what would've happened next (it ended on a cliffhanger)?

Later I ended up at my nearest Borders, they're having a 50% off sale on all their DVDs and CDs. I hit gold. Three titles here, two of them Criterions. I got this on laser disc back in the day - Spartacus (still part of my collection). I've been wanting that on DVD for such a long time. From what I can see, everything that was on that LD set has carried over. Most sway. The next was something I caught a bit that aired on PBS late a night a few months back. I watched a few and knew I had to have it. I found out there were two editions of it. I have the better of the releases, the two disc set for "The Lady Vanishes". Outstandng! Lastly I picked up the SE for "Say Anything".

From my mapping of this month - next Tuesday I'm buying squat. Nothing worth getting which is good; let my money rest. Anyhow, I like this DVD Crawl, lots of good stuff. Granted "Caprica" could end up being shit. Ron Moore better have a plan for this series. *shaking fist*

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