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The Toothbrushes: Trailers

The Surreal Twisted Plot: David Tone (Greg Cupan) Received A box in the Mail. The Contents in the box is a letter and A DVD Disc. On the DVD video, A man By the name of Alan G Lipton ( Matt Jefferson) claims he can heal himself by Brushing his Teeth with any normal toothbrush. This leads David into a nightmare of Madness.

Here are both Trailers

( The Teaser)

(The Trailer)
This one shows alot more going on in it.

Let me know what you think of them.

Oh Also I will Just throw this Plug out. If anyone lives near or in The State of Ohio, There will be a Horror Convention In Niles called Dark Xmas.

I will be showing The Toothbrushes there.

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