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Wow, that image makes it look so much cooler. So I entered the final dungeon at level 55, all the sub-bosses barely touched me . . . and the final boss was STILL a fucking bitch.

Anyway. I finished it. Although I did like it despite its flaws (unnecessary difficulty, retarded final string of bosses/dungeons, still no semblance of a cool plot/characters, etc.), and I really think the Job System is pretty interesting and complex, it's definitely the Final Fantasy that's left me the most underwhelmed. 8/10. I did think the ending was pretty cute. I liked that it showed more 'closure' than I and II which just . . . kinda ended.

So. Let's see that bitch revised (and with 'tier' idea theft!).

Tier 1.
1. VIII.
2. IX.
3. VII.

Tier 2.
1. XII.
2. X.

Tier 3.
1. II.
2. I.
3. III

Tier 4.
1. XI.

Moving on to FFIV on the DS. I heard it's also very difficult. I hope it's not the case. I want to breeze through an RPG and just enjoy the story for once. When that's done, it's V on the PS1 and then to cap off the series, VI.

I hope to finish the remaining three before XIII is released.

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