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IV is probably the hardest one, but I think (can't be sure, though) they made it easier on the DS release. So it shouldn't be too bad... although, I'm sure they still have the magnetic field part.

Anyway, I've been playing XII again. I never played it a 2nd time, because it took me about 160 hours to finish everything the first time (Yiazmat was like a 10 hour fight on his own). I love the look of the game, I LOVE the gambit system, and I love the character roles (namely, how there really isn't a main character).

But the pacing is really rough. Travelling in between levels just takes way too long. And Vayne is such a lame villain. Also (I don't know why this didn't bother me before) but there's no way to see the license board in advance. That's just too annoying.

I'm leaving it in my top tier for now for 3 reasons: the characters, the gambit system, and the side quests (hunting is the best main side quest FF has ever had). But man, plot progression is very rare in this game.

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