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I agree-gree on almost all fronts (except you not liking VIII like a fatty face). I also always argued that Ashe was the main character of XII. It's her story entirely. The fact that Square 'promoted' Vaan as the lead (eventhough it's clear that there's not ONE lead character) is ridiculous. Panelo was also totally superfluous and inconsequential except for that minor "rescue her" (great stuff . . . belch) part.

Final Fantasy XII did indeed rock.

On my end, I'm loving the PISS out of IV. Man.
I loved what I played of XII, but I never got to beat it because my PS3 got fucked and the only way to fix it was to reformat. I had unfortunately transferred all my PS2 stuff from my memory card to the hard drive, and traded the memory card in because I didn't need it anymore. 40 hours of XII RIGHT down the drain (along with my 35+ hour save of Persona 3).
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