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Originally Posted by adamjohnson
why not?

The song has become more important than the film. Bond 22 was CRAP with a nonsensical plot and flat out boring action sequences. Yet, everyone was SO concerned with the song.

...Oh fine.

QoS' plot made plenty of sense to me, I'd call the action scenes anything but boring, and the theme song was a definite step up from Casino Royale's "You Know My Name". For all the departures the Craig series has so far made from "traditional" Bond films of the Connery/Moore eras, leaving out the opening song intros would be viewed as some as an ultimate offense. It's kind of like a final trailer before the movie starts; the last bit of teasing before we get down to business. A big splash of color and sound before the mission begins.

Oh, and except on the rare occasion, there are silhouettes of nekkid ladies.

It's a matter of tradition. And I'll agree, some traditions are meant to be abandoned. The abundance of convenient gadgets and horrendous double entrendres are among those better left behind. The intro song is not.

Originally Posted by Smiert Spionam
Anyway, nice poster, but I think it'd look a lot better if you just removed the gun completely, though that's just MO.
You mean the gun Craig is holding, or the gun in the 007 logo?
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