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Burnout Paradise - Big Surf Island. Got all the cheeves, now it's time to rule the roads. Such a great piece of DLC for sure.

Velvet Assassin - Haven't played in a week or so, but it's a pretty solid stealth game. Even tho, it apparently goes into "shooter" mode in the last couple acts.

F.E.A.R. 2 - Like it much more than the first one. I'm half way through this after a week, and after over a year, I'm only half way through the first.

Fuel - While the races are annoying due to serious rubberbanding issues, it's still a good time just in free roam. The world is HUGE!

CoD:WaW - Almost finished on Hardened. Veteran was a fucking bitch, so I switched over to Hardened. LOTS of patience (which is in short supply at the moment), and I know I can do Veteran... one day.

Wolfenstein 3D (XBLA) - Great memories with this. Lots of game play for 400msp.

Doom (XBLA) - Grabbed it on a "eh, why not" moment. Good pick up. I still play it on the PC, so what the hell.

I think that's it.

Oh, I've got Prototype sitting there still sealed, which I'll be popping in tonight.
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